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We are a young production company founded by Producer Kate Shelley and Director Emily Macrander focusing on narrative and documentary content. As filmmakers, we know the struggle of making films with a lot of passion but little funds. Having worked as a duo as well as individually, we have made several low-budget short films independently funded via crowdfunding, private investors and competitive film funds. These films have gone on to be screened across the UK and have won numerous international awards.


We take on a number of both narrative and documentary films each year and help them throughout all production stages to bring the project to a satisfactory completion with as few creative compromises as possible. Whether we are the main production company or working in association with other facilitators, we take a personal and nuanced approach to each project and are interested in getting to know the many interesting and talented filmmakers that are out there and help bring to life their exciting projects.


There is a big gap to be bridged between early and established filmmakers. Our core aim is to increase accessibility to short filmmaking, as either a stepping stone in a future career in feature films, or as a space for experimental takes on storytelling. The arts are often undervalued, but are a vital way of communicating and connecting as a society.

It’s so important that everyone’s stories are heard and represented - accessibility makes this possible.

We support projects in some of the more logistical processes, such as insurance, accounts and funding applications, areas which can be overwhelming to wrap your head around without the necessary experience. Acquiring insurance and accountants can be very tedious and takes up a big portion of a film’s budget. When shared under one production company, however, these costs can be split between productions. This is what we are here to facilitate. 

We understand how important a short film is to the creator and are careful not to take autonomy away from them. The filmmaker controls their project and can work independently using our resources and help as much as needed. Consequently, the filmmaker feels respected and we can support a higher number of projects whilst keeping our personal approach.


Different productions will require different levels of support - some may already have a production company, but are still interested in other things we have to offer and would like us as a joint production company, or as an association. As filmmakers, both Kate and Emily are happy to support your film logistically and creatively in any way possible!

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